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What are carbon removal certificates ?


Together with our clients we develop carbon net-negative products and services. By removing carbon from the atmosphere through an aproved range of methods, the carbon is stored long-term


After a full life-cycle analysis of the carbon removal methods, and meeting then requirements, the carbon removals are verified by an independent third party. The CO2 removed is then converted into CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs).


Generate value by reducing emissions and sequestering carbon. Find out which carbon removal methods are supported for generating CORCs.

Carbon Removal Methods

invest in climate action

Investing in CORCs supports businesses in scaling up production, making use of more waste streams, investing in clean technologies and removing even more carbon.

reaching goals

Climate proactive companies can buy CORCs to further reduce their emissions. Generation and trading of CORCS can be a vital instrument when it becomes part of business strategies on how to become carbon neutral or even negative.


Your company can get involved as a supplier of negative emissions, or purchaser of CORCs on the online marketplace.

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Why is carbon removal needed?

We need carbon sinks

The carbon cycle is crucial to the prevention of climate change. The use of fossil fuels adds CO2 to the atmosphere. On the other hand, various forms of biomass capture CO2 throughout their lifecycle. Upon decomposition, this CO2 would be released. But by putting biomass waste streams to use, the carbon can be stored long term. Transforming biomass waste into stable biochar promotes carbon sequestration, whereby the biochar product can be used usefully in multiple applications, including in soils, water filtration and building materials. Wooden and carbonated building materials also act as a carbon sink for a lifetime of 50-100 years. The result is a net removal of CO2 in the atmosphere.

We need to remove 15 gigatons of CO2 by 2050

More and more companies make commitments to become Net zero carbon or carbon negative by 2050 which will be crucial to limit global warming close to 1,5 degrees Celsius. However it will be impossible for the entire industry based on current commitments to reach a zero emission economy by mid-century. Therefore it is necessary that companies take leadership and remove carbon from the atmosphere instead of only offsetting emissions made by others. It is no longer enough to only reduce emissions, we need to go negative.

ZEROCertified is packed with best-practise guidelines from science and industry knowledge, all of which sets the standard for quality actions and recognisable impact for the environment.

Your carbon negative partner

1. Touch base

Fill out the contact form, email or call us, and we can get in touch to arrange a meeting or a phone call.

2. Insight

We  work out the best strategy to take for your company specifically. Step-by-step we will work out the implementation of these carbon removal methods and technologies.

3. Compliance

We help you fulfil all requirements – for example, requirements for material use, production process and output product.  Mandatory also is a life cycle analysis and an audit carried out by a independent certifying party.  If needed, we can also conduct a feasibility study and develop a business case for you to become carbon negative.

4. Trading CORCS

After you are up and running and zero certified we can calculate your carbon removal potential and start trading CORCS for you. We can carry out all necessary transactions in the global marketplace that are required to perform any trading activity of CORCS.

5. Total coverage

In every phase of the ZERO tool, the key personnel working on the project, including our energy and LCA experts, come together for discussions. This creates occasions for cooperative decision making and an opportunity to check to see if various needs can be met.

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