Reach carbon negative. Certified.

‘Accelerating and rewarding carbon negative business’

ZEROCertified supports clients in their journey towards emission reduction and removalto make climate change mitigation affordable and accelerate innovative enterprises.
We facilitate organizations to overcome the challenges andbarriers of entering the voluntary carbon market. We act as a one-stop-shop for carbon negative businesses to reach their full potential.
With our broad experience and expertise in relevant fields of the voluntary market we can support our clients during their entire journey to a low carbon future.

ZEROCertified has been the enabler for Betclic Apogee’s Carbon Neutral pledge to come to become a reality

Through Betclic Apogee’s pledge of responsibility for the impact of its esports team, they have supported the decarbonisation of the construction sector. This initiative has helped to fund an initiative which produces climate-neutral, circular and biobased insulation.

This participation with ZEROCertified is the start of a journey of decarbonisation within Betclic. Moving forward in alliance with Zero Waste Lab, we look towards helping Betclic to realise their goals of stimulating regenerative projects in Portugal.

Our Services

We support clients in their journey to reduce carbon emissions. With our comprehensive portfolio of services, we can support them in every step of the process with a personalized approach that fits the needs of the client.
Depending on the needs of the client our services can vary from project management support, certification support and trading support to projects where we develop new methods to ensure the project delivers carbon credits that can be trading in the voluntary market. Please see our approach to find out how our services can contribute to your business.

Our Partners

With our global network in the voluntary carbon market we connect both demand and supply and overcome the complexity in today’s voluntary carbon market. We support clients ranging from project developers and technology providers who aim to generate credits in the future to SME’s and corporates that want to work together with a professional, experienced partner to offset their carbon emissions in a reliable, simple and efficient way. We welcome partners on both sides to support them to reduce carbon emissions and make an impact.

Reach carbon negative. Certified.


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